At inLife Clinic we provide a wide range of counseling support. We believe it is a privilege to assist those wanting a greater quality of life or stronger relationships.

Our counseling specialties include:

  • Marriage or Relationship Challenges
  • Traumatic Loss or Loss of a Loved One
  • Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

  • Teens in Crisis
  • Disabilities or Family Member with a Disability
  • Terminal Illness
  • Life Transitions

I have recently completed 1 ½ years of counseling with Phyllis. When I first started seeing Phyllis, my life seemed hopeless, and I was filled with shame and self-pity. I had made some very poor choices responding to circumstances that I believed were out of my control.

As I reflect on how far I have come from where I was last year, I can only praise God for Phyllis’s encouragement and guidance, as she dutifully found the core of my issues and gave me tools to restore my faith, self-esteem, and marriage. Sincerely, I am a grateful client.