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Brain Training is completely non-invasive and non-directive because it is derived from new understandings of how the brain works, based on research done over the last 25 years. In utilizing the NeurOptimal system, nothing is done “to” the brain, nor is the brain directed to make specific changes. Instead, your brain simply provides information about its own activity through EEG sensors, which is fed into a computer. The computer then translates the information into a language which the brain understands, in the form of beeps and tones. Those beeps and tones are fed back into your ears through ear buds, while you are simultaneously listening to relaxing music. This process is much like putting up a mirror in front of the brain, allowing the brain to see where brainwave frequencies currently are. The brain then recognizes what is out of balance, and begins to rebalance the brainwaves. Brain Training allows the brain to change, called neuroplasticity, and bring itself into better alignment, for the benefit of each individual.

At the beginning and end of each visit, a baseline of your brainwaves will be taken. As an example of what brainwaves indicate, a person experiencing sleep difficulties will have a higher amount of brain activity with their eyes closed than with their eyes open. Normally, the brain is more active with the eyes open, and less active with the eyes closed. In most cases, and after a few sessions, the brain will revert to its natural and more productive state of lower brain activity with the eyes closed, creating fuller, more restful sleep.

Whatever the causes for brainwave imbalance (trauma, stress, anxiety), it is important to recognize that your brain is fully capable of restoration. But don’t take our word for it. Read our clients’ life-changing experiences, in their own words. Watch inspiring video stories from people just like you, who have used NeurOptimal neurofeedback to overcome incredible life challenges.


I strongly recommend inLife Clinic and Brain Training. I have had a great deal of trauma in my life from Vietnam as a combat officer, to the work I did in Relief and Development in Africa and the Middle East, to my first wife dying suddenly and without warning. She was 43 and we had three children, ages 19, 17 and 12. That was over 20 years ago.

My present counselor heard of Brain Training and recommended I try to see if it would help bring balance between my head, knowledge, and emotions. I now have had ten sessions plus a “demo”. For me the first sign of something happening through Brain Training was my ability to have deep sleep. This was after only a few sessions. Later in the training, I began dreaming without nightmares. An added plus was that I could remember my dreams and they were happy dreams! I continue to be surprised. I am playing my piano again and playing more difficult music than I have played in many years. I now have more energy and my outlook is more positive.

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Even today, researchers agree, the brain is the main control center of our entire body, and yet only little is still understood about this immensely complex center of the nervous system. What has been discovered is that neurofeedback assists the brain in creating new neuropathways.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback sessions monitor these specific brainwaves.

Alpha – for heightened creativity and deep relaxation
Beta – for high focus and concentration
Theta – for meditation, insight and memory
Delta – for deep sleep and healing
Gamma – to increase cognition and improve IQ.